10 good ways to put Workflow to work


If you’re a fan of automation in iOS and invariably essay to make common tasks easier, you’ve substantially already been introduced to Workflow, an implausible app that enables users to emanate workflows, or recipes of tasks for a app to perform when invoked. The intensity of this apparatus is impossibly far-reaching, and this essay explores a few ways in that Workflow can be a must-have app.

Remind Me To

This is one of a integrate workflows featured here that was combined by yours truly. Made with a goal of being customizable by anyone who downloads it, Remind Me To displays a list of preset reminders that we find yourself regularly adding to your to-do list – things like picking adult milk or emailing a news – and drumming a one we wish now adds it to Reminders.app. You can select to supplement mixed reminders during a time, or spin that functionality off if it’s speed we want, and there’s also an choice for adding a tradition pointer directly from a workflow to keep things unified.

While a related template is set adult to use iOS’s batch Reminders app, it can simply be mutated to support Fantastical or Clear, if you’re a fan. Additionally, some teenager modifications can concede specific preset reminders to be combined with a due date or other metadata. Tweak this to fit your preference, and it can fast streamline your frequently-added reminders.

Shorten URL

I frequently find myself tweeting engaging links we run opposite or emailing them to a friend, though utterly mostly a URL is a long, disorderly glob of calm that is simply ugly. The apparent answer is a URL cutting service, though carrying to glow adult Safari or find a service’s app is cumbersome. However, there’s a ‘flow for that, that creates a charge of cutting a URL and copying it to your clipboard a many easier process, and it conveniently works both from inside a Workflow app and from a Safari extension. Consider modifying it to lift adult a share piece if that improved to you.

View Source

If you’re a web developer or if we understanding with a source formula of webpages during all, this is an glorious workflow to supplement to your collection. When browsing in Safari, invoking View Source from a share piece displays a stream webpage’s source formula in a Quick Look perspective and gives a options to share a formula by your accessible channels, or save it to iCloud Drive for destiny access on any of your devices.

Scan QR Code

QR codes are apropos increasingly popular, with some-more businesses – even Snapchat – adopting them for various purposes. But there’s no reason to have a dedicated iOS app for scanning QR codes if Workflow can do it for you. Invoking this ‘flow brings adult a camera, scans a formula in your viewfinder, and opens a analogous URL.

Open In Tweetbot

I’m a complicated Tweetbot user, as are many iDB readers, and when someone links me to a tweet, it’s always somewhat frustrating to watch Twitter’s mobile site open in all of a glory. Avoid this by duplicating a link, using a workflow, and examination Tweetbot magically open to arrangement related tweet.

Open In Twitter

If we cite a central Twitter app in iOS but want the same “Open In” functionality, there’s a workflow for that also, formed off a twitter://status?id=00000000 link, where a zeros are a ID of a twitter analogous to a stream URL. Regardless of either we cite Tweetbot or a categorical Twitter client, there’s a workflow for you.

YouTube To Spotify

If we spend really many time any day during a computer, it’s expected that we are informed with a vital strain streaming services and use one on a unchanging basis. My use of choice is Spotify, due to a leisure and choice in what songs are played – down to repeating a strain forever with strident obsession. YouTube is also an glorious approach of finding music, nonetheless a not ideal for listening to hours of streamed music unless we compensate for YouTube Music Key.

However, a dual can work as one with this workflow, that takes a pretension of a YouTube video and searches for it on Spotify, where we can listen to it endlessly, try a artist, emanate a new hire off of it, and more.

Save from Instagram

Instagram can be a wonderful, moving place full of beautiful photos, or a dreaded abyss of cringe-worthy selfies, depending on who we follow. Unfortunately, a app doesn’t yield a local approach to save photos (photography, not selfies) from people we follow. However, there’s a ‘flow for that.

Simply daub a ellipses (…) underneath an Instagram print and duplicate a share URL, afterwards run a workflow, that will download a photo, arrangement it in Quick Look, and save it to your Camera Roll. Keep in mind this process doesn’t work for private accounts, as a share couple is not accessible for their photos.

Open In Chrome

Although we privately use Safari as my go-to browser opposite all my Apple devices, many people cite Google’s Chrome browser, and for good reason, as a countless extensions make it an appealing choice in OS X. As for iOS, there’s no choice to change a default browser from Safari, creation using other browsers a reduction convenient.

This workflow, however, lies in Safari’s share sheet, and, when invoked, will open a stream add-on in Chrome. It also works in other apps with web browsers, such as Tweebot or 1Password. That’s positively many easier than duplicating and pasting a couple from an app into a new Chrome tab.


This is a workflow we put together formed on impulse gleaned from comments on r/workflow, and we perspective it as a crowning piece that helps move your collection of workflows together. It requires some customization on your part, should we select to implement it.

The thought behind it is identical in use to Launch Center Pro, an glorious app for fast completing actions in other apps, such as rising into a specific partial of an app, like a twitter composer in Tweetbot or a bookmark in Chrome, and it simply integrates with Workflow for now using ‘flows.

Launch, a workflow, is meant to reside on your Home shade and uses your stream Wi-Fi network to emanate a contextually wakeful workflow launcher. That is, if we open Launch while you’re during home (connected to your home Wi-Fi network), it will arrangement a specific set of workflows you’ve selected that we run frequently while during home. If you’re not home (not connected to that Wi-Fi network), it can arrangement a totally opposite set of workflows.

Alternatively, we can cgange a parameters to something other than a Wi-Fi network, though a core judgment of bringing adult what we need what we need it – and saving we from sifting by what could be dozens of saved workflows – is what creates this so useful. It’s not meant to be a deputy for Launch Center Pro per se, as it lacks many of LCP’s features, though it can be used alongside it and for a opposite purpose, only with a same thought of fast invoking actions.

Once we download a workflow, you’ll need to personalize it to accommodate your specific needs, commencement with your home Wi-Fi network name. The initial menu is for workflows we wish to fast entrance while during home. Fill in a menu items, adding some-more as we see fit, and afterwards fill each URL margin with a couple to a particular workflow, following the workflow://run-workflow?name=Workflow%20Name format, with a name of your workflow entrance after a equals sign. If your workflow name has any spaces in it, reinstate them with %20 for this to work. The second menu contains equipment to be used while divided from home, and I’ve enclosed a Scan QR Code workflow from above, as it’s more expected to be indispensable while divided from home.

Customize this to your heart’s content, as it has a intensity to be layers deep, crafting a web of contextual recognition that will continue to grow with any Workflow update. Location inputs, as good as nested Wi-Fi network checks, can also be set adult to serve tailor your workflow shortcuts. With a small personalization, this can be a workflow of workflows.

After spending some time with Workflow, it can simply turn one of a many useful apps on your device. Much like Automator and, to an extent, Alfred, in OS X, it gives behind what we put into it, and more. If we have nonetheless to knowledge Workflow for yourself, it’s $2.99 in the App Store for a singular time, after that a cost will return to $4.99.

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