App Recap: important discounts, updates and releases for Mar 23

App Recap

App Summary daily outline of news from a IDB eminent smashing universe of program IOS. Below we will find a list of discounts, upgrades and new versions we consider value checking out. Today’s choices embody some plain discounts and updates for some good applications.


Mind Games Pro – ($ 4,99 $ 0,99) – a vast collection of games formed in sold on a beliefs of cognitive psychology to assistance we use opposite mental abilities. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Machine World – ($ 1,99 $ 0,99) – drive, fly and work cold machines, including excavators, bulldozers, derrick and rescue helicopter, that act like a genuine thing. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Travel List – ($ 1,99 for free) – a easiest approach to get prepared for a subsequent trip. Plan your track to emanate a make-up list in an instant, and you’re prepared to go. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

SkySafari 4 – ($ 2.99 free) – an interactive night sky simulator with 120,000 stars; More than 200 star clusters, nebulae and galaxies; all a vital planets and satellites, and dozens of asteroids, comets and satellites. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Inspire Pro – ($ 9,99 $ 5,99) – move a smashing painting, sketch and sketching believe of your IPad with a shining 64-bit color, laser pointy subpixel precision, impossibly quick speed and more. Download here for Ipad.

Runtastic Squat Pro – ($ 1,99 for free) – practice with a concentration on a focus of hunker compared with exercises that aim a legs and buttocks. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Shin Megami Tensei – ($ 7,99 $ 3,99) – a central pier of a renouned Super Nintendo RPG from a early 90-ies, in that we have to select between good and evil. Download for iPhone here.

BLIP – ($ 0,99 for free) – tumble, rebound and slip on a radar shade by a windy universe filled with lethal spikes and inconstant platforms. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Other applications still for sale

Slow Shutter! – ($ 1.99 free)
Sky Players: Cold War ($ 4,99 for free)
Dark Echo – ($ 1,99 for free)
Polyform – ($ 2,99 for free)

Tweetbot 3 – ($ 2.99) – Tapbots updated a renouned Twitter customer currently with 1Password support in browsers, softened batch lists and more. Download for iPhone here.

Amazon Music – (Free) – Amazon has updated a IOS Music app with new Ad-Free Prime streaming radio stations with total skips. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Press Releases

Layout of Instagram – (Free) – emanate your possess collages, and afterwards fast share them on Facebook and Instagram. Download for iPhone here.

Knibbles – (free) – we will be supposing with one new fact each day, many times augmenting your ubiquitous knowledge. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

TimeTree – (free) – a new form of calendar that can conduct all your plans, and also allows we to bond to a right people during only a required time. Download for iPhone here.

Awake In The Dark Watsons Case – ($ 2,99) – in an interesting diversion that mixes dark intent hunts with mini-games. Download here for Ipad.

Atom Match – ($ 1.99) – a origination of a atomic hexagons and bond them together to emanate a photon appetite regulating a lean control intrigue total with tone relating gameplay. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Beast Towers – ($ 0,99) – building invulnerability diversion with heated 3D battles, 40 opposite towers and 60 opposite enemies. Download for iPhone and IPad here.

Remember that prices are theme to change during any time, so do not get held watchful to take advantage of a deal. Also, do not forget to let us know if we missed something in a comments below.

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