Apple looking to strike appropriation understanding with Japan Display for new factory


Japan news source Nikkan reports that Apple is in talks with Japan Display to account a new bureau in a segment that will be obliged for production LCD displays for iOS devices. Exact sum are pronounced to still be in a works, yet a appropriation is pronounced to be somewhere around 200 billion yen (roughly $1.7 billion).

The displays would be identical to those now used in a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however Nikkan reports that it could someday be repurposed for OLED panels that are found in a Apple Watch.

The new bureau is pronounced to not open until subsequent year in Ishikawa. Neither Japan Display nor Apple have strictly reliable a deal. Even yet Apple would be partially appropriation a project, a factory’s outlay wouldn’t be disdainful to Apple’s devices, Nikkan reports.

If this form of understanding sounds familiar, it’s since it is. Last year, Apple struck a understanding with GT Advanced Technologies to build a bureau for turquoise clear iPhone 6 displays, until a understanding famously and drastically fell apart.

Source: Nikkan around 9to5mac

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