Apple reportedly formulation Apple Pay launch in Canada by March


Apple skeleton to extend Apple Pay past a US and into Canada earlier than expected. 9to5mac reports on Friday that Apple will kick-off a general launch of Apple Pay in Canada as early as March. 

The announcement says launch partners in Canada are in a routine of formulation promotion and promotional element for March, indicating a launch as early as that month. Of course, like all deals in a business space, things could change. Which banks and credit unions in a maple syrup nation weren’t named.

It’s not transparent when Apple skeleton to move Apple Pay to a UK, other tools of Europe, and China. However, pursuit postings final month prove it could come as early as a initial half of this year, and a launch in Canada creates it sound like Apple is relocating quick to get Apple Pay rolling.

In a US, Apple Pay is still in a early days, however early information from Nov shows it’s creation important advance in a mobile payments space. Apple Pay now accounts for 1.7 percent of a mobile payments marketplace after a launch on Oct 20, though still lagging behind Google Wallet’s 4 percent share of a market, according to ITG research.

Source: 9to5mac

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