Auxo now accessible on Cydia

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Ladies and gents, it has landed. Yes, Auxo, a rarely expected jailbreak tweak that reinvents the iOS app switcher has left open on Cydia.

Last week we brought we an disdainful initial demeanour during a tweak in action, and unnecessary to say, scarcely 200,000 views later, many of we are looking brazen to perplexing it out for yourselves. If we have a jailbroken iPhone regulating iOS 6, I’m happy to news that we can now download Auxo from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for usually $1.99.

Of course, there are a few prerequisites that we contingency keep in mind if we would like to try Auxo. First, Auxo is iPhone/iPod hold usually during the moment.  The developers assure me that an iPad chronicle is in a works, though it hasn’t finished baking yet, so stay studious iPad owners. The outline in Cydia states that a iPad chronicle of Auxo should be accessible in early 2013.

Secondly, we contingency be regulating iOS 6 in sequence to use Auxo. Yes, there is a 5.x chronicle of Auxo that’s now being ported, though usually like a iPad support, it’s not utterly there yet. If we don’t wish to give adult iOS 5.x, and would like to try Auxo, afterwards my idea is to usually be patient. There could presumably be a really brief turnaround duration between a iOS 6 usually release, and a iOS 5.x release. In a sum for a tweak on Cydia, a developers state that a pier to iOS 5.x will be finished next week.

The final exigency is maybe a many apparent of them all — your device contingency be jailbroken in sequence to implement Auxo. As on of now, iOS 6 is usually means of being jailbroken on a handful of inclination — a iPhone 4, a iPod hold 4th generation, and a iPhone 3GS. So, apparently that means that we can usually run Auxo on any of a 3 aforementioned devices. Again, as of this post, we can usually run Auxo on a iPod hold 4th generation, a iPhone 3GS, or a iPhone 4. To reiterate, these contingency be regulating iOS 6, and they contingency be jailbroken regulating a stairs summarized in a RedSn0w jailbreak tutorial.

If we accommodate a criteria, afterwards congratulations, we can now implement Auxo. Head over to Cydia, and we should see it cocktail adult on a changes tab. If you’ve usually jailbroken your device to implement Auxo, afterwards it might be best to hunt for a tweak regulating a Search add-on instead. Once downloaded and installed, we might follow a video walkthrough, or review a glorious User Guide that comes bundled with a tweak around a iPhone’s Settings app.

As we could no doubt tell from my video walkthrough, we was intensely vehement about Auxo. I’m happy to tell we that a fad we showcased hasn’t ragged off during all. Auxo truly is a step in a right instruction for a batch iOS app switcher. It affords a most improved perspective as to a context of regulating applications, it facilities accessible multi hold appropriate gestures to mislay apps from a switcher, and it facilities redesigned song controls. As bonus, we also get toggles to assistance we conduct mostly used equipment like Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Apple has done a robe out of “borrowing” a ideas and concepts revolving around renouned jailbreak tweaks, and implementing them directly into batch iOS. Obviously, a preference to do this is controversial, generally for a developers that have spent many hours perfecting their creations. With that said, if there’s one thing that Apple pilfers in a subsequent rider of iOS 7, we can usually wish that it’s Auxo.

Have we been means to try Auxo yet? After regulating it for yourself, what do we think? Does it live adult to a broadside that it’s garnered? Sound off with your thoughts and ideas in a criticism territory below.

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