Calcbot 2 launches as a freemium app with all-new demeanour and new features

Calcbot 2.0 for iOS teaser

Tweetbot developer Tapbots has released Calcbot 2 in a App Store. The intelligent calculator app is now totally giveaway for everyone, has no ads whatsoever and, among other perks, has been revamped from a belligerent adult for iOS 8.

The modernise program brings out a brand new favorites complement which replaces a rather treacherous memory keys, includes an iCloud-sync’d history in mural mode alongside a calculator and other perks.

As a screenshots attest, a app’s altogether pattern is now in line with Apple’s visible styling for iOS. As we mentioned before, Calcbot 2 has gone freemium so many facilities are now accessible at no cost to everyone, sans a few discretionary upgrades.

Calcbot 2.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 002

For example, Tapbots is now selling, around a In-App Purchase mechanism, themes that give your calculator a bit some-more style, labelled during 99 cents each.

Calcbot 2 highlights

  • History Tape — Every calculation we enter gets saved to a story tape. Refer to calculations after or send them right behind to your stream calculation.
  • Expression View — Calcbot’s strange countenance perspective allows we to see all we have typed so you’ll never forget what we entered or skip a typo.
  • Conversion — Convert any of your calculations with over 500 units opposite 22 opposite categories including auto-updating banking rates.
  • Favorites — Fave a calculation and get present entrance to a outcome around a Favorites Key. No some-more mysterious memory keys.
  • Scientific Functions — Rotate your device into landscape mode to benefit entrance to common systematic functions.
  • Constants — Get present entrance to systematic constants like Pi, Atomic Mass, or supplement your own.
  • Round for Currency — Have all of your formula dull to dual decimal places.
  • iCloud Sync — Sync your story tape, constants, and faves opposite all of your Macs, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Sounds Animations — Beautiful tradition animations and sound effects yield certain feedback and an beguiling knowledge while behaving calculations.

In further to paid themes, a one-time $2 Pro ascent unlocks functionality supposing by Tapbots’ acclimatisation app, Convertbot, which is no longer accessible in a App Store. Specifically, it gives you access to scientific constants like pi, atomic mass or even your possess ones.

As for a acclimatisation feature, it supports 500 units opposite 22 opposite categories, including auto-updating banking rates.

Calcbot 2.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

The 5.4-megabyte concept app requires iOS 8.1 or later.

Download Calcbot 2 giveaway of assign from a App Store.

Back in November, Tapbots launched the Mac edition of Calcbot. The OS X application is labelled during 5 bucks a cocktail and is accessible for download in a Mac App Store.

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