Four ways to sell your iPhone before upgrading to a newer model

iPhone 5S vs 5C surrounding videoNext Tuesday, Sept. 10, Apple is holding an eventuality where, presumably, a new indication of iPhone will be announced. While it competence not be prepared to strike store shelves immediately, it is expected that a subsequent era of iPhone will boat within a subsequent following weeks.

If we are formulation on upgrading, there are a few ways we can make a sire or dual off of your stream “gently used iPhone” to make a aria on your pocketbook a bit easier…


Sell your aged iPhone 4

The world’s largest auction residence is a good place to find usually about anything we could ever want. From a paltry selected purses to a many surprising pieces of toast with images of Jesus in them, you’ll find a engorgement of products and services.

Selling your iPhone this approach can beget a lot of income if we are peaceful to boat it overseas. In a U.S., there are not as many people still peaceful to buy an iPhone 3GS. But on eBay, we can make between $50 and $200 on one. If we have all of a strange parts, including a box it came in, and your device still works, someone will buy it. If we offer a box and giveaway shipping, you’ll get even some-more out of bidders.

Currently, a 16GB iPhone 4S is offered for around an normal of $300 and a 16GB iPhone 5 is offered for about $350.

Some suggestions for removing a high cost for your eBay auction include:

  • Offer giveaway shipping (unless it is overseas)
  • Take good, tighten adult cinema of your device, embody cinema of a cables and box if we have them
  • If we are regulating a Buy It Now option, check competing prices and list yours accordingly
  • Only boat to arguable addresses.
  • It competence not be a bad thought to usually accept PayPal

It is critical to keep in mind that there are some people who will try to fraud you. Speaking from personal experience, we should set customer mandate when offered wiring on eBay. For example, we competence not wish to sell to someone who has usually been a member for a few days. Additionally, low feedback scores can be a red flag. If we boat something overseas, it is value it to send it by FedEx or UPS so we can compensate additional for tracking.


Sell your aged iPhone 1

If we don’t wish to con with a likes of eBay, we could sell your device locally by Craigslist. Sometimes, a peer-based website is a best approach to buy and sell used goods. The usually problem is that there won’t ever be a behest fight for your iPhone.

There are hundreds of dealers looking to buy your aged iPhone. Many of them are peaceful to compensate good income for your broken, cracked, and shop-worn devices. If your comparison indication iPhone is a wreck, it competence not be a bad thought to find one of these dealers to sell to.

Currently, a 16GB iPhone 4S is offered for around $250 and a 16GB iPhone 5 is offered for an normal of $300 on Craigslist in my town. That competence be somewhat reduce than eBay, though we don’t have to understanding with a con of shipping costs or seller fees.

Some suggestions for removing a many income for your iPhone on Craigslist include:

  • Price your device comparatively. If we wish to make a decent dollar from your iPhone, don’t sell it too cheaply. If your indication is reduction than dual years old, we can still get flattering good income for it
  • Include good peculiarity cinema with close-ups of any marks, scrapes, or scratches
  • Write a minute outline of a peculiarity of a device. Be certain to report any flaws in a cosmetics
  • Give a dungeon phone series and state that we do accept content messages
  • Add your email residence and discuss that we check it frequently via a day (and afterwards do so)

Avoid scams by being smart. If someone offers an unreasonably vast volume of income if you’d be peaceful to boat it to him or her instead, it competence be a trick. Basically, if it is too good to be true, it substantially is.


Sell your aged iPhone 3

The online electronics-purchasing store has been in business given 2008 and is reliable, convenient, and pays decent money, even for a shop-worn device. If we are usually perplexing to get absolved of your phone and wish some volume of income for your loss, though don’t wish any con whatsoever we should demeanour into Gazelle. They will tell we right divided what your iPhone is worth. They will send we a box to boat it in if we don’t have one. They even compensate a shipping cost.

The best partial about Gazelle is that we can close in your offered cost today. If you’ve ever attempted to sell your iPhone before, we know that those high prices we see on eBay and Craigslist go divided flattering quick when a new indication is announced. Gazelle will buy your phone a month from now for what they consider it is value today. That way, we can still use your device until we buy a new one and get a value we were quoted before Apple announced a new iPhone.

Additionally, Gazelle usually launched an extended cost close pledge this year. You can close in a stream cost of your iPhone currently and be means to keep it until Oct. 15.

Currently, Gazelle is charity between $100 (broken device) and $190 (flawless device) for a 16GB iPhone 4S and between $125 and $310 for a 16GB iPhone 5.


Sell your aged iPhone 2

Another online wiring shopping store is NextWorth. This association offers a identical package as Gazelle. They will take inclination that are in good figure or terrible figure and compensate we a decent cost accordingly. However, NextWorth’s shopping cost is a small bit different. They offer we a cost that is analogous to a stream marketplace trend.

Like Gazelle, we can close in your cost for 30 days. So, even after Apple announces a subsequent era iPhone on Sept. 10, we will still be means to get a cost quoted to we today.

In further to carrying an online presence, NextWorth is operative with Target to offer walk-in buyouts of your iPhone. In some-more than 1,500 participating stores nationwide, NextWorth has a kiosk where we can get a same cost for your device as we would online. The usually disproportion is that you’ll get a income in Target store credit.

Currently, NextWorth is charity between $59. 09 (cracked shade and does not energy on) and $197 (powers on and no burst screen) for a 16GB iPhone 4S and between $97. 87 and $340 for a 16GB iPhone 5.

Check out NextWorth website here.

Are we formulation on upgrading to a subsequent era iPhone this fall? If so, what are we formulation on doing with your aged phone?

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