How to capacitate HDR Camera mode on iPad, and iPod hold 4G

HDR iPad 3

HDR is a photography mode that stitches together several cinema along a operation of bearing settings. Using various algorithms, a outcome creates cinema that can have fewer dim or cleared out spots than a required digital still, that is good if we intend to constraint textures and fact instead of glisten or shadow.

Apple introduced HDR photography to iOS 4.1, yet a underline wasn’t rolled out to any device. The inclination that now miss a choice to capacitate HDR in a batch camera app embody a iPod hold 4G, iPad mini, and a iPad 2 to a iPad 4. Lucky for us, this infirm underline is sincerely easy to manually reintroduce on a jailbroken device…

HDR educational filesystem

In sequence to capacitate HDR photography on your unsupported iPod, iPad, or iPod touch, we will need to be means to navigate into a core filesystem. we used iFile to revise a plist files from my device, yet we can also use iFunbox or a FTP customer if we cite modifying complement files from a Mac or PC.

According to Tkf1 of a iFans forum, any device has a opposite code, that will establish where a Plist files are located. Find a formula for your device from a list below.

iPad 2nd era – K93, K94, K95
iPad 3rd era – J1, J2
iPad 4th era – P101, P102, P103
iPad mini – P105, P106, P107

The initial thing we will wish to do is capacitate HDR from a AVCaptureSession.plist file. You can entrance it by navigating to ‘/System/Library/Frameworks/MediaToolbox.framework/*/AVCaptureSession.plist’, where a asterisk(*) is a formula for your device, listed above.

Open a plist record regulating a content editor and find a following dash of code:

stringBack Facing **MP Photo/string

Then corkscrew down a small until we find a territory that reads:


Right next here we will wish to add:


If a fibre is already there, yet reserved to ‘false’, change a fibre to true. Once we are done, save and exit.

Next we will need to navigate to ‘/System/Library/CoreServices/*AP.plist’, where a asterisk represents your device’s code. Open a plist with a content editor and find a following string:


All we need to do is supplement a following strings in place next (it does not need to be entered in alphabetical order, only make certain any fibre is directly followed by a boolean value):


Once we are done, respring your device and a HDR mode should seem in both a Camera app and a Photos Camera page in Settings.

settings HDR

If you’re wondering either a HDR sharpened mode was infirm for unsentimental reasons or only for synthetic product differentiation, take a demeanour during a picture during a tip of a page. What we see on both sides of a print is a same shot, taken from an iPad 3 with and but HDR processing. In a glisten stress-test a HDR print provides a towering visible alleviation over a original.

Does iOS’ local HDR estimate make a disproportion in your day-to-day photography? Share your thoughts in a comments below.

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