How to jailbreak iOS 6 regulating evasi0n [Windows tutorial]

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We’ve already shown Mac users how to jailbreak iOS 6 regulating evasi0n, and now it’s your spin Windows users! Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step educational that shows how to jailbreak your iOS device on your handling complement of choice.

In this example, I’m regulating Windows 8, though this should work on substantially any chronicle of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP. Take a demeanour inside for a guide…

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Download evasi0n for Windows around a downloads page.

Step 2: Extract a download onto your desktop and open a evasi0n folder. Right click on a evasi0n.exe record and name Run as administrator. If a User Access Control window pops up, select yes.

Step 3: Make certain your device passcode is disabled, if we ever set one up. To invalidate your passcode lock, go to Settings General Passcode Lock and select Turn Passcode Off.

Step 4: Plug in your iDevice to your PC. Note that evasi0n will jailbreak any device regulating iOS 6 and above, solely of march a Apple TV.

Step 5: Evasi0n should now uncover that it has rescued your device. Once your device has been detected, a Jailbreak symbol will be activated and clickable.

Step 6: To start a jailbreak process, click a Jailbreak button.

Step 7: Evasi0n will now ensue by several steps. Among other steps, it will ready jailbreak data, reboot a device, upload Cydia, inject jailbreak data, and upload a Cydia packages list. This is substantially a some-more time immoderate partial of a jailbreak process. Just lay back, and wait for evasi0n to take caring of it all.

Step 8: Evasi0n will now ask we to clear your device. On a Lock screen, Slide to Unlock your device, and we will see a new app idol on a second page of a Home shade named “Jailbreak”. Tap this Jailbreak app idol once (make certain to usually daub it once), and a shade should go black and afterwards lapse to a Home shade immediately. Again, make certain we usually daub a Jailbreak idol once.

Step 9: We’re in a home stretch. Evasi0n will continue displaying messages such as injecting jb data, and Root Filesystem successfully remounted. Your iphone, iPod hold or iPad will reboot, maybe some-more than once. The initial reboot will take longer than usual, so once again, be studious during this one-time setup. Again, be studious and don’t hold anything.

Step 10: Once a jailbreak routine has completed, evasi0n will tell we that we are “Done.” You should now see a vast evasi0n trademark display on your iOS device screen. It should seem once or twice briefly, and afterwards stay on for a bit longer. Finally, you’ll be taken to your Lock screen. From there, we can Slide to Unlock your iOS device and we should see a Cydia idol on your Home screen’s second page.

Congrats, your iOS device is now jailbroken on iOS 6 regulating evasi0n for Windows!

Notes: Remember to reenable your passcode if we private a passcode as suggested in Step 3.

This educational is for Windows users. If you’re a Mac user, see a Mac OS X iOS 6 jailbreak tutorial. If you’re a Linux user, stay tuned for a finish Linux iOS 6 jailbreak guide.

If you’re meddlesome in jailbreaking a Apple TV 2, afterwards wait until we hear some-more word from FireCore, a folks behind a Seas0nPass jailbreak resolution for Apple TV.

If you’re wondering as to that Apps we should try, be certain to take a demeanour during a contingency have jailbreak apps for iOS 6, and a tip tweaks of 2012.

Last, though not least, congrats to group evad3rs. If we feel like giving, we can present to a evad3rs regulating a couple accessible during a bottom of a evasi0n jailbreak tool.

Let me know if we have any questions, comments, or suggestions in a criticism territory below. Remember, assistance your associate jailbreakers out if they have questions.

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