Jailbreak developer says 7 out of 8 users pirated his Remote Messages app

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Remote Messages is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to entrance full SMS and iMessage functionality on a iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S from a desktop browser. It’s a crafty application that allows a iPhone to run as a server, that creates a discuss window front-end on desktop browsers. This front-end comes complete with support for form pictures, attachments, and Emoji icons, as good as for promulgation and receiving texts. This application is generally accessible if we like to have your phone connected to a stereo divided from your table or if we cite typing with a full keyboard and screen.

Unfortunately, it seems a $4.99 app is mostly renouned with pirates. According to a Reddit thread by a developer, 7 out of 8 installs of Remote Messages are pirated copies…

remote messages server

Interestingly enough, a developer asks in a thread: “Would we cruise $4.99 too high for a apparatus like this? It’s been a delayed grower, and it’s clearly really renouned with a pirates in Vietnam and France (try before buy, my arse!)”

We’ve seen high robbery rates for jailbreak apps in a past, many particularly when Filippo Bigarella expelled robbery stats for Springtomize. Springtomize 2 indeed had a aloft robbery rate, during 92%. This is notwithstanding a fact that a tweak even costs less, during $2.99.

While Remote Messages is labelled during a high end for a application on Cydia, keep in mind Remote Messages isn’t a elementary MobileSubstrate tweak; it’s a functioning server that plugs into iMessage and displays a browser-friendly front-end for observation and promulgation texts.

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