New video compares nearly-assembled 4.7″ iPhone 6 to iPhone 5s

Partially fabricated iPhone 6 (Rozetked 001)

Yesterday evening, a new video flush on a web providing nonetheless another glance during Apple’s arriving iPhone 6, that will be strictly announced during a media eventuality subsequent Tuesday.

The 3 and a half notation hands-on shave posted to a Russian YouTube channel Rozetked clearly compares a current-generation four-inch iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6 fabricated from leaked components.

Featuring some rather thespian closeups, it gives a good demeanour during a 4.7-inch book of a iPhone 6 and a pattern aesthetics while depicting a Space Gray several with both a black and white front plate.

Like a prior leaks, a footage shows off a few argumentative pattern facilities of a handset, including a extending camera lens on a behind and a receiver breaks. Although we primarily loathed it, we contingency acknowledge the iPod touch-like pattern has grown on me.

Partially fabricated iPhone 6 (Rozetked 003)

Here, have a demeanour during it below.

I theory we could contend I’m amatory a new pattern instruction of a iPhone 6, even if it’s suggestive of a well-spoken demeanour of some flagship Android handsets, generally a neat phones from HTC.

It’s engaging that a video states that a embedded Apple trademark on a behind is done from Liquidmetal, that Apple formerly used to emanate a SIM ejector apparatus for some iPhone 3G models.

Partially fabricated iPhone 6 (Rozetked 002)

Last week, Russian mutated iPhone businessman Feld Volk built an iPhone 6 from several leaked parts, formulating a video that shows off a handset partially booting adult to a ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen.

If these leaks infer genuine, a iPhone 6 will have been a many leaked iPhone yet. So most about doubling-down on secrecy, Tim Cook!

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