Review: emanate iTunes associate links with Blink for iPhone and iPad

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Whenever we click or daub on a couple that leads to an iPhone/iPad/Mac app in a App Store/Mac App Store, or a movie, TV uncover episode or electronic book carried on iTunes, we acquire a unequivocally little elect price on any sale entrance from that link.

Though not much, these things supplement adult and anything that helps us run a site and keep the lights on for we guys is value a effort from a standpoint.

For those not in a know, anyone can sign adult to turn an iTunes associate partner. Too bad Apple’s web focus for generating associate links is so vapid and a pain in a you-know-what.

Introducing Blink (or Better Affiliate Links) from Squibner, a nifty small iPhone and iPad focus that eliminates a con of manually formulating iTunes associate links with your possess tokens and debate tags.

Once you’re enrolled into Apple’s central iTunes associate joining program, you’ll have your possess associate token (an alphanumeric code) that contingency be appended to any iTunes URL that we put in blog posts or share on amicable media in sequence for we to acquire a little elect price on any sale.

But first, you’ll need to supplement your possess associate token and discretionary debate tags into a settings territory of a Blink app.

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Using Blink’s built-in hunt function, we can fast hunt opposite a App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store during one time. Tap on any hunt outcome to get some-more information about an item.

It’s unequivocally accessible and usually super good not carrying to switch to Apple’s batch storefront apps usually to obtain a URL of an iTunes item. If we need to, we can fast switch to a specific informal store and easily switch between media forms to find accurately what we want.

Blink 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Once you’ve found a iTunes object we were looking for, name it and adult pops a shade where we can beget associate links from a results. You can emanate associate links as plain URLs or use one of 3 accessible Markdown formats (choose your possess in Blink’s settings).

It’s also good that Blink translates,, and links into full associate links in a format. You can also pulp any concordant couple into Blink’s hunt box to beget an associate couple with your certification or, preferably, use Blink’s prolongation or URL intrigue to modify links on a fly.

Here’s generating associate links in Blink, iTunes and iBooks Store.

The genuine energy of Blink comes from a prolongation for frictionless associate couple era from within Apple’s mobile stores — or anywhere else we find links, for that matter, without interrupting a upsurge of your work.

Check out Blink’s iOS 8 prolongation in action.

Power users and fans of iOS automation will be happy to know that Blink integrates simply into some-more formidable workflows with a URL scheme. By a way, Blink also works good with Editorial.

Singing off, we have been regulating a elementary nonetheless absolute Workflow book that a possess Timothy Reaves combined recently. For starters, it’s simply invoked as an iOS 8 prolongation from a Share piece in a App Store, iBooks Store, iTunes or from any app that supports iOS 8’s multi-purpose Share sheets.

As shown below, not usually does it supplement a associate token to URLs though also saves full-resolution app images to a Camera roll.

iTunes associate couple Workflow iPhone screenshot 001

Genius, I’m revelation you.

That being said, Blink is all you’d design from an iTunes associate couple era app finished right. It’s passed elementary to use, has a purify and self-explanatory interface and a tremendously useful iOS 8 Extension.

With Blink, we can hunt opposite mixed stores simultaneously, modify existent links into ones upheld by a associate module and approach some-more than a Workflow prolongation is able of.

Long story short, Blink is free associate couple era on iOS.

Blink is $4.99 in a App Store.

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