The Elago Slimfit2 is an appealing minimalist box for iPhone 6

Elago S6 Slimfit2 1

It is slim. It is clean. It protects your iPhone but job courtesy to it. It is Elago’s S6 Slimfit2, and minimalists will conclude a subtleness and artless design.

If we cite morality when safeguarding your gadgets, a S6 Slimfit2 has an ultra low form done from stretchable and durable polycarbonate accessible in 15 opposite colors. The soothing hardness box uses double-coating with an over paint and underneath paint to urge hold while gripping germs and germ from being means to hang to it.

The box is small some-more than a backside cover to strengthen from scratches and bumps. However, it is designed to yield some teenager insurance to a screen, as well. The mouth sticks out over a tip of a iPhone 6 only adequate to keep a shade from scratches when we lay it facedown on a tabletop.

The Slimfit2 is also designed with full, unobstructed entrance to all buttons and ports on a iPhone 6. Thanks to cutouts and specifically designed holes, we can still entrance a volume and tongue-tied buttons, a headphone and charging ports, and a Home and Lock shade buttons.

Elago S6 Slimfit2 2

The camera cutout is specifically designed to yield transparent cinema but division or means contemplative flash. The far-reaching hole allows we to take cinema but removing bizarre effects from a case. However, it is still thick adequate to strengthen a eye when we place it backside-down on a tabletop.

Elago’s S6 Slimfit2 is accessible in 15 colors, including white, black, gold, transparent clear, a accumulation of coloured frosts, and matte lead dim gray. You can sequence one currently from Amazon for as low as $8.99. There is also an iPhone 6 Plus chronicle for between $13.99 and $17.99

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