The harassment causing massacre in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — The invasive glow termite continues to widespread in a Lower Mainland, wreaking massacre on Vancouver airfield runways and forcing CP Rail to bake a dirt on a Arbutus mezzanine in attempts to exterminate them.

Last summer, several planes strike birds feeding on a glow ants during YVR, forcing a array of brief runway closures.

And a harassment problem is no longer cramped to a common European glow ant.

It has branched out to embody a lesser-known class dubbed a “impressive glow ant,” according to Thompson Rivers University entomologist Rob Higgins.

“We’re articulate of dual opposite forms of glow ants,” pronounced Higgins, observant both glow ants seem to be on a move. “We’ve got them in probably any municipality.”

We’ve got them in probably any municipality

Higgins has been conducting surveys of famous glow termite infestations and doing pointless sampling via southwestern B.C. to consider a border of these little assertive insects, that possess a unpleasant prick and overflow really fast when disturbed.

The review primarily focused on a European glow ants, that widespread naturally over brief distances by budding off new colonies in that a black and a organisation of workman ants leave a nest to form a new colony.

His investigate took a turn, though, after a Burnaby entomologist sent Higgins a representation a few years ago of a glow termite detected during his home. Higgins, who was streamer behind easterly to review his collection, took a termite along and dynamic it to be a Myrmica specioides, a obtuse famous class from Europe, that undergoes mating flights any summer.

But it wasn’t until after that tumble — after a call from Vancouver International Airport’s wildlife module — that Higgins started researching a considerable glow ant.

Ben Nelms/Bloomberg

Airport officials were disturbed about a spate of collisions between tiny birds, mostly stable sparrows, and planes on a runway during Jul and August, that forced them to tighten a runway for 5 to 8 mins any time to transparent divided a mess.

“They wanted to know what they’d been eating,” Higgins said. “I looked during their tummy essence and they were full of considerable glow ants. They’d been eating a lot of them, generally a swift queens.”

Higgins pronounced it appears a considerable glow ants, who nested in a grasslands around a airport, were captivated to a finish of a runway for their mating flights. The overflow of ants afterwards captivated a birds, many of them stable swallows. In one month final summer, he said, there were 50 collisions between birds and planes. One day, there were 5 runway closures.

David Bradbeer, a runway wildlife dilettante during YVR, reliable a situation. “It is a use inconvenience, though we do tighten a runway to mislay a body since we don’t wish another bird to be captivated and get hit.”

Bradbeer pronounced a conditions usually became a problem in a past year. He remarkable a YVR wildlife government bend has been perplexing to know a ecology of a many class around a airport, including a swallows and glow ants, to figure out how to understanding with a problem. The review has only started, he said.

Fire ants are formidable to control or eradicate, even with pesticides.

Higgins concurred a considerable glow termite is “just rising as an invasive class here” and while he and Bradbeer are looking during using an examination during YVR to control a ants, he expects it could take a year to get a permits.


Meanwhile, a Canadian Pacific Railway, that is ripping adult a marks along a Arbutus mezzanine on Vancouver’s westside, has been incinerating a dirt along a marks and pronounced it will now also bake a rail ties to safeguard a ants aren’t ecstatic to another location.

“I only got acknowledgment we will flame a ties in that whole area,” pronounced CP orator Jeremy Berry, observant a pierce will expected occur subsequent week.

Although Higgins has nonetheless to total a numbers he has collected by his research, in a past 4 years, a ants have been introduced to during slightest 25 locations on Vancouver Island and a Lower Mainland by a transformation of landscaping materials, dirt and potted plants.

He remarkable a many common areas for glow ants tend to be Vancouver and Chilliwack, though they were recently speckled in West Vancouver, Burnaby and handful of spots in a District of North Vancouver.

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