Why it’s an iPhone 5s and not an iPhone 5S

white iPhone 5s camera

Apple has again altered a approach a iPhone’s name is spelled out on paper. If we can remember, behind when a initial incremental ascent to a iPhone line was released, Apple typed it out like this on paper: iPhone 3G S. Yes, there was a space between a “3G” and a “S” — Thankfully, Apple eventually caved in, or usually didn’t caring adequate to make a large understanding out of it when we refused to spell it that way. The iPhone 4S lacked a space between a series and letter, and all was good with a world.

Now, on a day of a phenomenon of dual new Apple inclination that both competition a suffixed alphabetical character, discuss ensues once again. This time, though, a evidence isn’t about spaces, it’s about cases. And I’m not articulate about a appalling swiss cheese cases it’s perplexing to pull on gullible iPhone 5c adopters, I’m articulate about textual box — a top and reduce variety.

Apple has ditched a top box call letters in preference of a reduce box letter. That means that a iPhone 5C isn’t a iPhone 5C during all, it’s a iPhone 5c. That also means that a iPhone 5S is now a iPhone 5s. Apple’s even left retroactive on us and transposed a iPhone 4S with a iPhone 4s (same device, opposite name on paper).

The doubt is, why? Why would Apple go by a routine of treacherous us bloggers, (because let’s face it, we’re substantially a usually ones who caring about this form of stuff) and go and change it again? The answer to that doubt is substantially a lot some-more candid than it initial appears.

A review on Twitter between twelve south co-founder Andrew Green, and Macworld’s Dan Frakes reveals a utterly probable and judicious reason for a change.

The elementary fact of a matter is that “iPhone 5S” could upset people. Consumers could simply mistake it for “iPhone 55″ or “iPhone SS” (eek!), depending on a typeface used. In other words, a “S” too closely resembles a “5” and clamp versa. It’s not a argumentative answer we was looking for, though it creates a lot of sense. It’s also value mentioning that during a same distance and font, that is Helvetica New Ultra Light, a S looks bigger than a 5.

So instead of usually creation it a iPhone 5s, and vouchsafing a remaining offerings use uppercase letters, Apple substantially suspicion that it would be improved to use a same series and minute intrigue opposite a board. That’s since we have a iPhone 5c, and a newly christened iPhone 4s to go along with a new finger imitation sensing, far-reaching orifice loving, bullion toting, iPhone 5s.

And that, folks, is a expected answer to a question.

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